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* Pingtung County Police Bureau

Pingtung County is the southernmost county in Taiwan. Its border with Taitung County to the east straddles Mountain Dawu. To the west is the Taiwan Strait and to the east is the Bashi Channel. The Kaoping River divides Pingtung County and Kaohsiung County. While the western part of the county is a coastal plain, the eastern section is mountainous. The length of Pingtung is 112 Km and the width is 47 Km. Of the total of 2,775 square kilometers, there are coastal plains (34.4%), hilly areas (32%) and mountain areas (33.1%). In addition, there is one off-shore islet. The administrative area includes the county seat, three townships and twenty-nine districts. The climate here is tropical, thus temperatures are generally higher than other counties.

The population of Pingtung County is about 900,000, mostly of Hakka and Haklo ethnic origin. Most of the Haklo, two thirds of the population, live in Pingtung city, Chaojhou township and coastal areas. The Hakka, one-fifth of the population, mainly reside in the following townships: Kaoshu, Changjr, Linlo, Neipu, Jutien, Wanran, Hsinpi and Chiatung. Many aboriginals dwell in the eight mountainous townships such as Wu-tai.

(3).District Status
The economy of Pingtung County primarily depends on agriculture, except for Pingtung city and Chaojhou township, which are business districts. Most citizens engage in farming and fishing, and residents here are regarded as modest, conservative and law-abiding.

The Pingtung County Police Force
(1)This is a class B police bureau headed by a Director-general, with the assistance of two deputy director-generals and a chief secretary. There are seven sections including General Affairs, Security Preservation and Civil Defense, Training, Household Registration, Foreign Affairs, Logistics and Forensic Science. There are seven offices, including Inspectors' Office, Secretariat, Public Security, Information Management, Public Relations, and Accounting and Personnel. There are four Brigades, including Special Police, Traffic Police, Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Women and Children Protection. There is one Criminal Investigation Corp and a Duty Command Center and Civil Defense Operations Control Center. There are a total of 21 units in the Bureau.

(2).The seven police precincts in Pingtung County include Pingtung City, Ligang, Donggang, Chaojhou, Neipu, Fangliao and Henchun. It is projected that eventually 2053 personnel will work within the Bureau; however, the total so far is 1919.

Future Vision
The new image of a policeman will be of one who is "incorruptible, capable, fair, healthy, and active." We should transform the police culture from the inside and express a new professional image to the public. While on duty, we will join with the Pingtung County Government to maintain the public order with all due diligence. This connection with the local government will help build a high quality living environment.


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Address: #900 No.119, Jhongjheng Rd., Pingtung City (map)
TEL: +886-8-7322156 FAX:+886-8-7326239
Office Hours: 8:00AM-12:00PM and 1:30PM-5:30PM , Monday-Friday
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