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* 9-2 Interrogation Reports-Personal Information
Personal Information個人年籍資料
1What's your name?你叫什麼名字?*
2Do you have any other names or nicknames?有沒有綽號?
3What's your date of birth?你的出生年月日為何?
4Where's your place of birth?你的出生地在哪裡?
5What do you do?你在做什麼工作?
6What's your ID number/ passport number?你的身分證號碼/護照號碼?
7What's your current address and permanent address?你現住住址跟戶籍地址為何?
8Your education level, please.請問你的教育程度為何?
9What are your home phone and cell phone numbers?你家裡電話跟手機號碼是多少?

What is your economic status?
lower class, lower middle class, middle class,
upper middle class or upper class?

還 是富裕?
Informing Offenders of Their Rights應告知嫌疑人事項
1You will be interrogated for being suspected of
committing an offense of _____. While being questioned,
you have the following rights:
2You have the right to remain silent. You do not have
to make any statements against your will.
3You have the right to a defense counsel
before being questioned.
4You have the right to request an investigation
of evidence favorable to your case.
5Is all of the information mentioned above correct?上述年籍資料是否正確?
6Do you have a criminal record? 有無前科?
7What is your physical and psychological condition now?你現在身體及精神狀況如何?
8Do you need a lawyer or any relatives to be present with you?你是否要請律師或家屬到場?
9Do you need an interpreter to help you?你是否需要通譯?
10It is ____ at night right now. Do you agree
to accept this interrogation?
11Please sign your name and have your fingerprints taken.同意時請簽名並捺印。
12Have all your statements been made consciously
and with a clear mind?
13Did the police threaten you, torture you or tempt you
to give any statements?
14Is everything you have mentioned above correct?你以上所說是否屬實?
15Do you have any comments?你對本案有無意見補充?
16The above dialogue records are read in English or Chinese, and recognized by the person under investigation.上開筆錄經通譯以母語朗讀受詢問人聆聽無訛後始簽名捺印。

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