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* 8-1 Giving Directions
Giving Directions
1Excuse me!不好意思/打擾了!*
2Yes. May I help you?嗯~需要我幫忙嗎?
3How do I get to the train station?我要怎麼去火車站?
5Just a moment, please.請等一下。
6I'll draw you a map.我畫張圖給你。
7(3 minutes later) Here you are.(3分鐘之後) 地圖給你。
8This is where we are now.這是我們現在的位置。
9That is your destination.(Point to the map)那是你要去的目的地。(指著地圖)
10How long does it take?大概要多久?
11It's about a 20-minute drive.開車約20分鐘。
12Here (draw it on the map).
You'll walk for about 3 minutes.
13How often does the bus come?大概多久一班車?
14About every 20 minutes.20分鐘左右。
15Which bus should I take?我該坐幾號公車?
16Where are you going?你要去哪裡?
17Let me take you there.我帶你去。
18I'll write down the instructions for you.我會把方向指示寫下來給你。
19Turn left at the next corner.在下個轉角左轉。
20Turn right at the second traffic light.看到第二個紅綠燈時右轉。
21Go down this street to the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium.順著這條路直走就會到海生館了。
22It's three blocks that way.往那邊走三個路口就是了。
23Eluanbi Lighthouse is easy to spot.鵝鑾鼻燈塔很容易看到。
24Donggang Donglong Temple is at the end of the street.東港東隆宮就在街尾。
25Jiadong Old House is around the corner.佳冬古厝群在轉角附近。
26You came too far!
The Kenting Youth Activity Center is straight ahead.
27You can't miss it!你不會找不到的!
28You'd better take a taxi.你最好搭計程車。
29Let me ask someone else.讓我問問別人。

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