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* 3-4 A3 Accident Statement Reports
A3 Accident Statement Reports A3事故談話紀錄
1When and where did it happen?事故發生時間、地點?*
2Which direction were you going?
Which lane were you in?
How did it happen?
3Did you see the other car before the accident happened?肇事前有無看到對方?
4How far were you from the other car?發現危險時距離對方多遠?
5What was your reaction at that time?有無採取任何反應措施?
6Where was your vehicle hit?第一次撞擊之部位?
7How badly was it damaged?車輛損壞情形?
8How fast were you going?肇事當時行車速度多少?
9Were there any traffic signals?有無號誌?
10Did you drink any alcohol before driving?駕車前有無飲酒?
11How many drinks did you have?飲多少?
12What was your breathalyzer test result?酒測結果為何?
13Were you wearing a helmet?你當時有無戴安全帽?
14Did you bring your license and registration with you?你有無攜帶駕照、行照?
15Do you have Basic Liability Insurance(BLI)?有無參加汽車強制險?
16Was your seatbelt fastened?你有無繫安全帶?
17Were you using your cell phone while driving?你駕車時有無撥接行動電話?
18How many people were there in your car?你車上共乘幾人?
19Was anyone injured?你車上及對方車上有無人員受傷?
20What kinds of injuries were there?
Which hospital did they go to?
How did they get there?
21What things were you carrying in your car?你車上裝載何物?
22How much did they weigh?總重多少?
23What did you do after the accident?肇事後如何處置?
24How was the traffic, weather and visibility?當時路況、天候、視線如何?
25Were there any obstacles in the roadway?有無障礙物?
26Were you able to see the signs and road markings clearly?標誌、標線是否清楚?
27Are you in good condition and willing to be questioned?你現在是否意識清醒願意接受詢問?
28Who reported it to the police at that time? How?現場由誰報案的?如何報案的?
29Do you have any comments?你對本案有無補充意見?
30Do you want to file charges?你是否要提出告訴?
31Please sign your name and stamp your fingerprints here.請在這裡簽名並捺印。

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