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* 2-2 Traffic Accidents Investigation
At the Police Station 在派出所裡
1Do you have a(n) (international) driver's license?你有(國際)駕照嗎?*
2May I see your proof of insurance?請讓我看你的保險證明。
3Had you used alcohol before driving today/tonight?今天/今晚你開車前有沒有喝酒?
4We need you to take a breathalyzer test.需要替你做酒測。
5If you refuse to blow, you'll receive a ticket and your vehicle will be impounded.如果你拒絕吹氣,
6This mouthpiece is new and you can see that the machine is set to zero.這是沒用過的吹嘴,
7Breathe in deeply and start blowing into it until I say "stop".深吸一口氣後吹這酒測器,
8Your test result is 0.6 mg/l. 你的酒測值是0.6 mg/l。
9It's over the legal limit.已超過法定酒精濃度。
10Please sign your name and stamp your fingerprints here.請在這裡簽名並捺印。
11There are two sheets.共有兩張表格。
12This sheet is only a proof of the alcohol level in your blood.這張表格只是證明你體內的酒精濃度。
13This is the procedure that police use in dealing with traffic accidents in Taiwan.這是台灣交通事故處理的程序之一。
14Everyone who takes a breathalyzer test,
must sign his/her name and stamp his/her
fingerprints on this test result sheet.
15This sheet is for you to keep for insurance purposes. 這張(當事人登記連單)單子給你作保險證明用。
16Show your insurance company this and they will help handle any compensation or disputes.將這張(登記連單)給保險公司看,
17You may leave now.你(們)可以離開了。

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