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* 2-1 Traffic Accidents Investigation
At the Scene 在現場
1What happened?怎麼回事?*
2Is anyone hurt?有沒有人受傷?
3Who was the driver?駕駛是誰?
4Your license and registration, please.麻煩出示駕照、行照。
5Help is on the way.救援馬上就到。
6Please take it easy.請放心。
7We have to take pictures and draw the accident scene.我們要拍現場照片並劃現場草圖。
8Please come to the station (the traffic section) with me to make a report.請和我到派出所(交通組)作筆錄。
9You may remove your car now.你可以移動你的車子了。

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