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* Police Identification Symbol
The graphic design of police Identification symbol in the front contains a Flying Dove, a 110 Telephone Image, and the Chinese and English Name of the Police Station. On the other hand, the word "POLICE" written in English is added into the design of traditional Police Badge in the side sleeve, which makes it easier for a foreigner to recognize. The shield-like badge design can deliver the meaning of defense and protection. The ideas are:
The Shield-like Sleeve Badge

The Side Badge and the word "POLICE"

  1. The design of the Police Badge is to link the modern and traditional image.
  2. The word "POLICE" makes it easier for foreigners to recognize.
  3. The shield-like design on the sleeve implies the protection to the people and the maintenance of public order from the police.
  4. The background design of the badge can present a lively image and reduce the feeling of strictness.

The Color of the Symbol

  1. Gray: It represents the impartial justice of law, and also presents the modern and professional image of the police.
  2. Red: This color represents the hot blood and enthusiasm of the police to serve the people.
The Front Image of the Design

The Flying Dove

  1. This is a symbol of protecting justice and maintaining the peace of society.
  2. The vivid and energetic image of a dove flying represents the active enforcement and efficiency of the police. This image can also soften the feeling of strictness from the police, which shortens the distance between the people and the police.

The110 Telephone Image

  1. No matter for the young, the old, or the foreigners, the number 110 is the catchiest representation of police service. Incorporating 110 into the symbol design can further strengthen people's memorization and recognition.
  2. The color the number 110 is red, representing the people is looking for the police's assistance. It reminds the people that if they need to report cases, call 110 for quick and convenient service.
  3. The combination of the number and the telephone image presents the active service provided by the police.

The Chinese and English Name of the Police Station

  1. It is easier for both native and foreign people to recognize, and also meet the demand of internationalization.
  2. The words in italic type present the police's efficient action in providing services.

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