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What\''s new
Title Unit Date Rate
To keep African swine fever (ASF) at bay, everyone shall join in the effort as follows Foreign Affairs Section 2021-09-27 19
Unafraid of the COVID-19 challenge, Taiwan Keeps Tier 1 ranking in Trafficking in Persons Report for 12 consecutive years Foreign Affairs Section 2021-08-26 21
In response to spread of Delta variant globally, Taiwan to tighten health monitoring measures for people entering Taiwan via airport/port starting 12:00 pm on July 2 Foreign Affairs Section 2021-07-12 31
Foreign Nationals visited Wanhua District to receive Covid-19 Screening Foreign Affairs Section 2021-05-24 174
Taiwan to expand COVID-19 vaccination to police officers, care workers Foreign Affairs Section 2021-04-30 67
9th Automatic 30-Day Visa Extensions Announced for Foreigners who have Legally Stayed for 180 Days or More Foreign Affairs Section 2021-03-30 67
Electric (power-auxiliary) Bicycle Driving and Operation Safety Promotional Flyer Foreign Affairs Section 2021-02-23 293
New UI No. Format for Foreign Nationals Foreign Affairs Section 2021-01-11 332
Police uncover the biggest marijuana factory over the years and Magistrate Pan Men-an expressed appreciation to merited police officers Foreign Affairs Section 2020-12-03 132
NPA Praises Model Traffic Police Officers: 2020 Traffic Police Award Ceremony Foreign Affairs Section 2020-11-02 122
Nationwide Traffic Enforcement: Further Efforts Required for Pedestrians’ Right of Way Foreign Affairs Section 2020-09-30 132
Police to Conduct Nationwide Traffic Enforcement since 1st September Foreign Affairs Section 2020-08-31 170
Foreigners (migrant workers included) whose Alien Resident Certificates (ARCs) are about to expire can apply for another extension for 30 days if they lack of other legitimate resident reasons and are unable to leave Taiwan as well. Foreign Affairs Section 2020-07-31 184
Let''s combat human trafficking together Foreign Affairs Section 2020-06-17 272
Failing to undergo home quarantine: Pingtung County Government imposed a penalty of NTD100,000 without leniency Foreign Affairs Section 2020-04-28 237

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