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Follow quarantine rules and enjoy a trouble-free return: CECC reminds returning travelers of instructions to follow before arrival and custom clearance at airport.
Category:World News
Unit:Foreign Affairs Section

On December 9, the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that starting December 14, 2021, the 3-day period of a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report will be calculated based on the incoming flight''s scheduled departure time at the place of departure and calendar days, that is, counting three calendar days backwards without excluding national holidays or weekends at the place.

The CECC pointed out that as the Lunar New Year quarantine programs will be implemented starting next Tuesday (December 14), travelers returning to Taiwan between December 14, 2021 and February 14, 2022 must pay attention to and follow the three steps listed below.

Step 1: Prepare required documents before the flight:
Travelers should prepare related documents required for the program they choose (Program A:Stay in a quarantine hotel for 14 days and practice 7 days of self-health management; Program B: 10 days in a quarantine hotel + 4 days at home for quarantine + 7 days of self-health management; Program C: Stay in a self-paid government quarantine facility or a quarantine hotel for the first 7 days, spend the remaining 7 days at home, and practice 7 days of self-health management) and a personal mobile phone with internet access. Regardless of which quarantine program they choose, all travelers must prepare a COVID-19 RT-PCR test report issued within three days prior to boarding and quarantine hotel reservation confirmation. Those who choose Program C will need to prepare proof of full vaccination in addition to the above-mentioned documents. Additionally, Travelers who choose Program B/C and will undergo home quarantine for the last four/seven days because the one person per room rule can be followed (everyone in the same household has to be fully vaccinated for 14 days) should have the name, ID number, phone number of everyone in the same household for the online declaration.

Step 2: Complete an online health declaration form before boarding:
Travelers should fill out an online health declaration form on the Quarantine System for Entry (https://hdhq.mohw.gov.tw/) within 48 hours prior to flight arrival in Taiwan. When checking in at an overseas airport, travelers should show their Departure Place Declaration Certificate on their mobile phone. Also, travelers should bring the above-mentioned documents or proof with them for inspection by the airline before boarding.

Step 3: Follow onsite instructions to clear customs after arrival:
After disembarking their flight, travelers should turn on their phone to receive a text message; travelers should present their online health/quarantine declaration certificate and the above-mentioned documents when going through customs. After their documents are inspected and they claim their baggage, travelers will be given a rapid test kit (only travelers choosing Programs A and C). Travelers will then take a deep-throat saliva test, after which, they should take a quarantine vehicle to their quarantine location as soon as possible for the 14-day quarantine.

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