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Police uncover the biggest marijuana factory over the years and Magistrate Pan Men-an expressed appreciation to merited police officers
Category:World News
Unit:Foreign Affairs Section

Pingtung County Police Bureau uncovered the biggest ever marijuana (cannabis) farm within the jurisdiction. To encourage officers who cracked the case, Magistrate of Pingtung County Pan Men-an headed to Police Bureau on the 17th to award them with rewards. Magistrate Pan highly recognized the officers’ perseverance and efforts over the last three months without rest; and how they optimized the teamwork spirit and showed their ability and determination to fight against crime.

Magistrate Pan Men-an expressed that drug-related crimes were the nest of all types of crimes. Apart from integrating drug related information from all units, Pingtung County Police Bureau also strengthened their investigation to track the sources of drug production, transportation and sales as well as new drugs. By aiming at specific suspects to track the drug source and targeting the drug volume to eliminate drugs, the Bureau succeeded in optimizing the performance of new crime investigation techniques and comprehensively enhanced Pingtung County police officers’ crime investigation and prevention capabilities to eliminate all crimes in the society. As any tiny curiosity about drugs can lead to a lifetime struggle, Pingtung County has listed anti-drug campaign as one of its primary governance goals and been preventing the drugs from entering schools and remote countries. With the police entering schools to promote anti-drug campaigns and going to remote countries to guard people and investigate drug crimes, Pingtung County has done its very best to stop the spread and harms of drugs.

According to the statistics of National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior, the number of marijuana (drug of category II) cultivation cases continues to grow in recent years. Between 2016 and 2019, the police uncovered 11, 43, 43 and 36 cases respectively. This year, as the entire country already uncovered 28 cases related to the plantation of marijuana in the first half year, National Policy Agency therefore listed marijuana as the key investigation target. The reasons for such rapid growth are the easy access to marijuana seeds and the less difficulty in plantation. Comparing with other chemically synthesized drugs, the cultivation of marijuana requires ordinary gardening techniques and tools. Besides, each harvested hemp (marijuana plant) can be made into 300 g of drugs; and each gram is sold at around NTD1,000 to NTD1,500 in the market.

After three months of spying on the suspects and collecting evidence, Ligang Police Office of Pingtung County Police Bureau eventually hunted down Wang and Chang, who are suspected to plant marijuana and produce marijuana cigarettes, within its jurisdiction in Chaozhou on November 12, 2020. At the crime scene, the police officers totally seized 524 hemps and 200 g of dried marijuana products with an estimated value of over NTD230 million. This is the biggest marijuana plantation case that Pingtung County ever uncovered.

Pingtung County Police Bureau expressed that drugs were a national security issue and could easily cause other crimes. This is the reason that Pingtung County Government has been continuously fighting against drug crimes; actively preventing drugs of all categories from harming citizens; and avoiding drugs damaging public security. The police urge people to, in case of finding any drug related issues nearby their residence or in neighboring communities, report the incident to the police in order to create a good living and working environment for all. The cultivation of marijuana violates Article 12 of Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act, where “persons convicted of cultivating Cannabis with intentions to supply for manufacturing narcotics shall be punished with a minimum five-year fixed-term imprisonment, and may be fined no more than five million New Taiwan dollars.”.

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